MP Points

What are MP Points?

MP (Metro Print) Points are a credit system we offer as an incentive for orders placed on
For every print order you place, we will credit 3% of the order total as MP Points in your account.
That means, every ₱1,500 will earn you 45 MP Points. The more you pay, the bigger your reward.
You can use MP Points towards your future print order balances during checkout.

How it works

Step 1 Create a FREE account or Sign into your account.

Step 2 Order your printing.

Step 3 Earn points on every order. 3% of your order total is credited as points.

Step 4 Redeem your earned points at checkout next time you order.

PA points - How it works

How MP Points are Awarded

MP Points are automatically credited to your account after you have paid and your order has started production. To check how many points you currently have, all you need to do is log into your account and access your 'My Profile' page. The number shown next to 'User Points' shows how many MP Points you have earned.

MP points - How MP Points are Awarded

How to use your points

MP Points can be used during the checkout process.

While you are placing your new order, on the payment method page, you can see a 'use my points' option, down underneath the ‘Apply promo code’ option.

Click on the little round circle before 'Use my points' and in the text area please enter how many MP Points you would like to use.

If your order total is 85 PHP and you have 45 MP Points you would like to use, your revised total will be 40 PHP, which can be paid for with Credit Card, Bank Deposit or Cash On Delivery on the following page.

MP points - How to use your points

How MP Points are calculated

You will be receive 3% of the print cost as MP Points.

For example, if you order 1,000 business cards — the price is 130 PHP. You will be rewarded 4 MP Points.

How do we calculate 4 points?

3% of 130 PHP is actually 3.9, but we like you so we’ll round up to the nearest whole number whenever possible.

1 MP Point = 1 Peso (PHP)

Think of our MP Points as digital peso, which can only be used for printing on our website. If you purchase a 130 PHP product and want to use 15 MP Points you have already earned, you will only need to pay 115 PHP during the checkout process (+ shipping fees where necessary).

attention-icon PLEASE NOTE

  • Points are not cash or currency and cannot be transferred, credited or redeemed for cash.
  • Points can only be applied towards the printing cost of your order.
  • Points cannot be used towards delivery fees (to other City or abroad)
  • If you have more points than the total cost of the print product, the maximum amount of points will be used to cover that print cost (if you enter a number of points larger than the order total). Any remaining points will stay in your account for future orders.