The Paper Guide

Need A Feel?

Glossy or matt? Shiny or opaque? Paper thickness?
With so many options and combinations available, making the right choice for your project
can be the difference between success and just another printed piece.

Choose the right paper for your business

Coated and Uncoated are the two standard, basic types of paper that we offer.

Paper Guide - Choose the right paper for your business

Coated Paper

Has a clay coating which gives it a smooth finish. In this type of paper we have Coated (Glossy) and Semi-Coated (Semi-Gloss). Coated paper has a shiny finish, while Semi-Coated tends to have a slight shine wherever the ink is printed, while the unprinted (white) areas have no shine.

Uncoated Paper

Has no coating — so the surface is rougher and absorbs more ink. They are easy to write on, and ideal for products like Letterheads or Greeting cards. Uncoated papers are not good for printing photos/pictures, because the colours will end up softer, more natural-looking. We have a range of premium uncoated papers, which are higher quality, have a smoother surface, and are available in different colours.

Understanding paper thickness

Paper weights are measured in GSM or g/m2 which is short for grams per square meter. It indicates the weight of a square metre of paper. In general, the higher the GSM rating the heavier and thicker (more rigid) the paper will be. If the number is lower, the paper will be lighter.

Paper Guide - Understanding paper thickness

Guide to the paper weights

We’ve prepared a scale to give you an idea of some paper thicknesses and typical uses

Paper Guide - Guide to the paper weights

Standard Uses


Commonly used for NCR Pads.

80 - 100gsm

Perfect for everyday use or internal presentation type applications.

100 - 125gsm

Most common with executive documents, correspondence and mailings.

130 - 170gsm

Popular with flyers, leaflets, menus, and inside pages of booklet / catalogues.

170 - 200gsm

Thicker, more durable, higher quality posters and flyers.

250 - 300gsm

Commonly used for booklet / catalogue cover pages.

300 - 400gsm

Standard stock weight for postcards, folders and standard business cards.

400 - 550gsm

Thicker and luxurious quality stocks for business cards.